Kim Hung


kimhung is a leading developer and marketer of innovative consumer and professional medical diagnostic products in VIET NAM.
Established in 2007, Kimhung’s successful track record makes it one of the most experienced and knowledgeable companies operating in VIET NAM’s emerging rapid diagnostic test  and medical consumables market.
Kimhung is fully dedicated to its customers and is committed to ensuring that they receive superior quality products, are trained in the use of these products, and have easy access to reliable support from any one of its employees.

The Kimhung advantage

• We supply the highest quality medical diagnostic products.
• Stringent Quality Control assures consistent accuracy and reliability across our product range.
• All professional medical diagnostic products are manufactured in a manufacturing facility that is ISO certified, registered with the FDA and is in full compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.
• Access to a team of highly trained sales consultants.
• Energetic, focused and dynamic team.
• High levels of customer care and support.
• Ongoing, personalised customer education and training.
• Trainers are available to provide product training to customers 24/24
• Ongoing collaboration with innovation leaders, researchers and clinicians around the world to review current trends and address gaps in the field of medical diagnostics.
• Innovative technology and product pipeline ensuring the availability of the latest, most efficient and cost-effective products.


We are committed to:
•    Providing superior quality products at affordable prices.
•    Intuitively exceeding our customers’ expectations of service and support.
•    Building rewarding and enduring relationships with our customers and partners.
•    Creating a work environment that promotes honesty and integrity.
•    Creating a dynamic workplace that inspires creativity.
•    Growing individual potential.
•    Nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit.
•    Fostering a culture of inclusiveness.
•    Respecting the balance between work and life.


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