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Ketamine has just been introduced to Vietnam in recent years, but when it comes to connoisseurship, players often say that if they have never tried Ketamine, they cannot be considered a real player.

So what is Ketamine, it is addictive, why are many young people struggling for them?

The following article will show the most specific information about ke as well as its harmful effects and how to avoid them. Read on to learn how to stay safe!


  1. What is Ke?

Ke is an abbreviation for ketamine – a substance created in a laboratory in 1962. It took another 2 years of preparation, turning into a brand-name drug, before Ketamine was tested on humans for medical purposes. Ketamine was first widely used in 1970 in the United States.

Alcohol meter – dedicated for Vietnam traffic police. – alcohol bellows




Is Ke a drug?

Ketamine is still considered legal if it is prescribed by a qualified doctor and the patient’s condition has been evaluated before use. However, prescribing treatment drugs containing the active ingredient ketamine is also quite complicated, requiring treatment hospitals to meet the provisions of the Law on Drug Prevention and Control.

Ke (ketamine) acts directly on the human nervous system. If used in the right dose, in the right way, ketamine is completely safe for humans. But just a small negligence or improper use, not as indicated, will cause unpredictable dangerous complications.

It’s dangerous, but many people, because they love the excitement that ke – brings, still defy their lives and use goods of unknown origin. Using stealth without a prescription can be completely addictive, so in Vietnam, this is a violation of the law.

  1. The main use of Ke

For medical and surgical use

In medicine, ketamine is a form of anesthetic, used pre-operatively, during surgery can cause pain for the patient. The route usually used is by intramuscular injection or direct intravenous infusion into the patient’s vein. If administered at the correct dose and by the correct route, ketamine is relatively safe because it does not alter the patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, or breathing rate.

When loaded into the body, the patient will feel comfortable, peaceful and almost fall asleep. After completing the surgery, the person receiving ketamine will not experience pain or discomfort caused by the surgery. In other words, the patient’s memory will only be saved until the memory is put on the operating table, and after the end, not the stage of surgery.

The ability to cause short-term memory loss combined with the local analgesic effect proved to be quite effective in cases of severe burns or weapons injuries. The user will forget about the pain caused by the wound. The properties of the drug are also suitable for those who are allergic to anesthetics or have a history of abnormal airways.

Another medical field that also commonly uses ketamine in treatment is veterinary medicine. Ketamine is used for the same purposes as in humans, such as preoperative anesthesia, analgesia during surgery, and post-operative maintenance of sensation.

Recommended procedures for taking ketamine

With the human health industry, ketamine is often applied in the following procedures:

  • Heart surgery
  • Cut, join, cover new skin
  • Plastic surgery, orthopedic
  • Minor surgery such as tooth extraction 8, removal of small boils

However, it is necessary to base on each patient’s case to give an appropriate dose to ensure safety for the patient



Therapeutic purposes

In the treatment of neurological diseases, doctors often also prescribe ketamine. Patients with mental disorders, especially psychological conditions such as depression or stress, respond well to medication. As follows:

  • Patients who have experienced serious psychological damage when using ketamine, the symptoms of anxiety disorder, negative thoughts gradually decreased and completely disappeared.
  • Patients suffering from depression, ever had suicidal thoughts, katemin helps to improve the situation, know more control of the body
  • Ketamine is used on people with substance use disorders as a way of synthetic drug withdrawal. But the effect brought by ketamine still needs to be evaluated more clearly, weighing the opinions in favor and in favor.

Patients with intermittent epilepsy: Ketamine helps patients control seizures, limit brain damage, and reduce the risk of sudden and unexpected death. However, this use only applies when other anticonvulsants have been tried with no effect.

In addition, this is also a pain reliever indicated for chronic pain such as the pain of terminal cancer, helping patients not suffer from persistent pain as well as more comfortable when preparing ” close your eyes.” But if to compare the benefits and the unwanted effects, the negative effects still account for a higher proportion.   

                                                                                                                                Chemical formula of ketamine

  1. Ke . side effects

What are the effects of ketamine?

Besides the benefits, the side effects of ketamine are also of great interest and research. Many will cause serious side effects.

Changes in the body when using ketamine

  • Frequent sleepiness, sore muscles, fatigue
  • Sometimes the body is stiff, especially the lower jaw muscles, difficult to move at will
  • Eyes often fall into a state of fatigue, pupils are dilated, the ability to see far is poor
  • Loss of appetite, stomach upset, nausea easily

Changes to perception

Ketamine acts directly on the nervous system, causing effects such as:

  • Appears hallucinations, talking in a daze, talking nonsense
  • Easily confused, forgetful
  • Mood swings, easy to get angry
  • Difficulty concentrating, not thinking much and for a long time
  • Can’t distinguish colors, basic images, common sounds

So, usually after using ketamine, doctors often prescribe a few more doses of other drugs to reduce the hallucinations produced.

Is it safe to take ketamine?

In medicine, ketamine is considered relatively safe because when used, functions such as the circulatory or respiratory system are not affected like other anesthetics. However, after anesthesia, ketamine brings a disturbing feeling to the patient when he wakes up. This is because ketamine causes an increase in blood pressure and intracranial pressure, the pressure in the brain.


                                                        The influence of ke

Contraindications of ketamine

  • People with brain diseases: brain swelling, previous injury or brain tumor
  • People with glaucoma
  • Patients should be cautious about taking ketamine with a history of:
  • Coronary artery disease, aneurysm
  • Unexplained high blood pressure or chest pain
  • Illness caused by alcoholism or poisoning
  • Thyroid disease, mental illness

In addition, for people over 65 years old, with a history of allergies to any drugs, they should absolutely follow the doctor’s instructions, do not arbitrarily use drugs with ketamine.

Note: When using ketamine for a long time, it is advisable to have a home blood pressure measurement kit ready at home to ensure safety, which can be checked whenever the body has abnormal symptoms.

Dangers of combining ketamine with other stimulants

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Ketamine is not so toxic that it can cause death. However, if used in the wrong way, combining it with other stimulants (alcohol, beer, alcohol ..) will accelerate the sedation rate, the user may experience sudden unconsciousness or stop breathing. too high to cause death on the spot.

Similar consequences will occur if ketamine is used in combination with other analgesics, mainly affecting the airways.

When taking ketamine with stimulants (such as cocaine, ecstasy) will cause an increase in heart rate or overload the heart’s activity. In the body, there will be a conflict of one drug that increases the desire to work and the other drug that reduces movement, almost sitting still. In mild cases, the body will feel uncomfortable, agitated, and more severe will cause heart failure, sudden death.

  1. How quickly does Ketamine work?



Ketamine has almost the fastest reaction rate in the group of anesthetic drugs, as well as stimulants. Divided by route of administration, the reaction rate of ketamine is as follows:

  • Intravenous infusion: less than 1 minute will fall into a state of complete anesthesia. This is a dangerous route with a risk of death, so it should be supervised by a doctor, qualified medical staff.
  • Intramuscular injection: the effective time of the drug is 1 – 5 minutes, depending on the body of each person
  • Inhalation or anesthetic mask: no more than 15 minutes, the body will start to feel lightheaded and then pass out
  • By mouth: time varies from 5 to 10 minutes, in some cases half an hour, the effect will be seen

The fast, “high” effects of ke only last for a few hours, but effects on the body such as muscle stiffness and loss of taste can last up to several days. It takes a week for the body to recover if overdosed.

  1. Common types of drugs

In medicine, we usually get it in liquid form (Ketamine HCl 50mg/ml), for convenience of use: intramuscular injection or intravenous infusion.

In its pure form, ketamine is a transparent, finely ground white crystalline powder. Depending on the purity of the ke, there are additional colors such as ivory white, dark yellow or brown. The “players” often prefer the powder form because it can be easily inhaled through the nose or sprinkled on the top of the head to make a coffee.

There are times when ke appears in pill form, but usually this is mixed with other synthetic drugs, the way of use is chewed thoroughly like biting candy (ecstasy). In particular, there are cases of using ketamine liquid or ketamine in distilled water and then injecting. But this method is extremely dangerous because it is easy to overdose and increase the risk of infection when injecting the same needle.


   Ke floating in the market


Origin ke

Marketed ketamine is an unlicensed stimulant. Although it is a ketamine, it is obtained from the scum and foam during the production of ecstasy. But the special feature of ke compared to ecstasy is the stronger effect. That’s why the saying “players who don’t know how to play ke are just mediocre”.

In the world and even in Vietnam, ke is strictly prohibited because of its serious toxicity. But they are still used, illegally traded under beautiful names such as Yinyang, Adam, Eva, Love, VW, Ice, All Indians, Black Sesame, Rocket, Angel…

  1. Can poker be addictive?

There are no studies that clearly show the effects of ke on the central nervous system of addiction. But it should be noted that addiction here refers to a change in habits, when not used, the body is irritable and uncomfortable, just like an addiction to heroin or other opioids.


                                                                                                                        Prohibition of buying, selling and using kegs in Vietnam

According to psychologists, ke is emotionally addictive. That is, users always feel hungry for the feeling of mental euphoria after using the ke, so they must continue to use it worse than using it daily. Some people control their addiction very well, as evidenced by only using ke at the end of the week, the end of the month, or every few months. Just like there are people who play ke for a long time up to ten years, but when it comes to getting married or focusing on their career, they stop completely, don’t play any more.

Therefore, the people who play poker are quite confident that “I am not addicted, play for fun and then quit”, but they have not foreseen the danger of ke and if the mentality is not stable, they can still fall. fall into the path of taking another stimulant, especially heroin.

Ketamine is rated as class III controlled, which means that long-term use can cause dependence, the need for continuous dose increases, and the risk of various addiction symptoms. When not using the drug can lead to bad effects on thinking such as depression, anxiety, insomnia.

However, the excitement of using ke is still an experience that makes people unforgettable and wants to try again and again, so despite everything to use it and consider it a way to relieve the sorrows in their hearts.

  1. Effects of long-term use of ketamine

In the article, I mentioned the harmful effects of ketamine in the case of 1-2 times with low doses, while long-term use and strong doses, ke left huge consequences. Because this is a neurotransmitter, there are many potential risks, risks of accidents and poisoning when used. Using ke for a long time makes users depressed in terms of both mental health and physical health.


                                 Long-term use of ke will affect the nervous system

Mental breakdown

The first thing that is most noticeable when using ke for a long time is that short-term memory is seriously affected. Specifically, the brain does not store information for too long, the processing speed is also slower. This has a negative impact on study, work and daily activities, gradually reducing the quality of life.

Sometimes due to the long-lasting effects, users experience hallucinations even when not using ke. This is very dangerous for the dreamer himself and the people around him, there have been many tragic cases stemming from this.

Urinary system damage

Ketamine causes damage to organs such as the kidneys or bladder. If used a lot and the frequency is thick, the damage overlaps and it is difficult to recover. The telltale signs of people with urinary damage are painful urination, urination, difficulty urinating, even blood in the urine. .

Urinary tract infections, ketamine-induced cystitis, if severe, cystectomy is unavoidable. Having your bladder removed means you have to be attached to a urinary catheter and bag for life. , for having lost the ability to urinate naturally on demand. Besides the sharp pain, even to relieve pain, people turn to ketamine – the source of the pain.

Cramps due to Ketamine

Sometimes ke users also suddenly experience unexplained abdominal pain, strong spasms causing severe pain. Or suddenly there is muscle stiffness, the whole limbs can not function normally. The cause of these phenomena is not clear, but is diagnosed as affecting the central and peripheral nerves.


  1. What is a keg?

What is keke?


Sniffing ke is slang for a series of actions using ke in powder form and inhaling it directly into a person through the nose or mouth.

Usually the ke is divided into small pieces on a flat plate, players using straws are often rolled with money. When inhaling, the player needs to let one end touch the powder, one end to the nose, then inhale sharply. Players often smoke many times in a single play to enjoy the feeling of excitement ke brings.

In another development, ke is inherently a sharp crystal, inhaling can cause a player to get a scratch in the nose, even a nosebleed, but the percentage of this case is very small. However, this is also part of the mechanism of action of ke, the drug will penetrate directly through these small wounds and enter the body. An important point to pay attention to when sniffing ke, is that the dough must be loose, smooth, and divided into just enough lines (related to stir-frying ke, keel).

Sprinkle ketchup on top – a new hobby




In addition to the traditional way of using ke through inhalation, “players” now also create a new and considered way of playing that is more interesting and makes the body able to absorb and get high faster than inhaling – It takes only 3 minutes to complete.

After inhaling enough coffee, waiting for the drug to almost wear off, the player needs to wet his hair and then sit under the hair dryer system emitting moist heat. Then the waiter will bring a plate containing the fried ke, lightly sprinkled on the player’s head. Under the influence of heat, ke powder quickly penetrates through the hair roots, directly acting on the nerves in the head, causing hallucinations and “players” will begin the ultimate “adventure” moments. After a display of “dust”, everyone is immersed in their own world, allowing their souls to roam freely.

Is playing the tray a player?


                                          Players are sniffing trays

The row of trays is also a picture

Another eagerness of sniffing ke.

By order

current self-categorization, smoke weed, bite weed or candy

are ranked behind ke in terms of “playability”. If you have never known how to smash rocks, break ke, or have never bitten candy or sniffed ke, you cannot be considered a “superior player”.

But many people who play ke have noted that: the ket they play is not necessarily 100% standard, the mixing of other stimulants, or even mixing rat poison and pesticides. So, the “rows of trays” floating out there, no one knows for sure what they contain, playing to “go to heaven” or not?

Ke is not addictive, but whether you want to indulge in it or not is up to you. Many adults are also questioning why young people are so addicted to this stimulant. The answer will be when you continue with me to learn about today’s game of ke.

  1. Stir-fried Ke – What is Ke Ke?

In the above, we mentioned quite a lot about the phrase “stir-fried ke”, so what is “fried ke”?

This is a task usually carried out by the “Captain” – the person who is in charge and responsible for the entire game. “Captain” is a position that not everyone can accept, it must be played by experienced players and proven to have skill in stir-frying, superhuman ke can do it.



Stir-fry how?

Stir-fry is a preparatory step before snorting. The technical person will use a thin, hard object, usually an ATM card, to mix the ice cream evenly on a hot, flat plate.

During the mixing process, you can continue to maintain the desired temperature by using a lighter, using a torch or boiling on a plate before stirring.

Stir continuously until the ke is smooth enough, fluffy and smooth, and there are no lumps, then divide the ke into vertical lines on the plate – called ke. The number of lines (line) is equivalent to the number of smoking and depends on the number of people present.


Purpose of stir-fry

Stir-fry the main purpose is to block

ketamine powder

take a breather

water goes, becomes smoother, sharp edges are also worn away because as mentioned ketamine crystals are almost glassy crystals with sharp edges.

sharp, high hygroscopicity. As a result, after stir-frying, we get a soft, fluffy, smooth plate, reducing the risk of choking or scratching the capillaries in the nose when inhaled.

In addition, the purpose of stir-fry is also to decide the level of high for the player, showing the level of a “captain”. Therefore, it is possible that the same type of ke, but under each person’s hand, will receive different levels of illusion.

Ways to stir-fry ke


Basically, it is divided into 3 ways to stir-fry as follows:

Stir fried cotton

This is a stir-fry that, after stir-frying on a plate of ke, will be a mixture of ripe ketchup and rare ketchup, mixed with small broken and finely crushed seeds. When the player inhales the fried ke, the effect of the ke will take place slowly because the ketchup is not immediately absorbed, giving a longer lasting high.

How to sauté cotton as follows:

  • The temperature of the disc falls in the range of 15-20 degrees
  • Pour the ice cream down, knead about 10 times
  • Quickly spread the cake out on the plate, so that it is as even as possible, do not leave the thick and thin places
  • Hold the hard card upright, lightly pound it on the keel to hear a “blistering” sound, at this time the ice crystals are breaking up to form a fine powder.
  • Alternating 2-3 times the shavings is a fine grinding, so that when the plate is just cooled, the mixture is mixed between the fine powder, which are still ungrounded ke particles.

Stir-fry smooth

Stir-frying smooth ke is the most time-consuming, it takes up to ten minutes if the fire is low, but the result is a velvety smooth ke dough dish. With this fineness, it will give results that penetrate through the nasal mucosa surprisingly quickly. If combined with large-sized lines or closed mounds – concentrated in one place, when breathing in, the player will quickly fall into a state of “power collapse” like being given a sudden dose of anesthetic. , half asleep, half awake.

How to stir-fry smooth:

  • The initial operation is the same as when sautéing cotton
  • But pay attention when the ke is crushed, the chips are more evenly, closer together, make sure all the ke granules are broken.
  • Squeeze quickly and vigorously, so that when the plate has just run out of heat, it will return to a fine powder, evenly all around, without any looseness.





This is simply a method of stir-fry that just flips over, without using force or breaking for the ke to break. This action only helps the ke to fly away some of the moisture, enough to absorb water and penetrate when inhaled into the nose. Especially using this method will keep the original instant anesthetic properties of ke. Players in this way need to accumulate ke to inhale large doses and, depending on the quality of the ke, can reach a “freeze” state. However, to reach the “freezing” state, not everyone can reach it.

How to stir-fry:

  • The disk temperature is always kept at 30 degrees, no higher than that will lose the “false” level
  • Stir until the plate cools completely
  • Do not use strong force on the ke, simply flip, do not chop, do not grind

How is the right guy?

The ke immediately divided the sautéed ke plate into different portions for the players present that day. A dedicated and responsible captain will never take things lightly.

Ke meets the requirements to ensure:

  • Draw firmly, do not distort the pattern, lift the card and place it on the next line
  • The two ends of the line must be equal, the amount of ke is evenly divided according to the length of the line, not in many places
  • Straight, even keel over the entire disc.



The line is long or short, thin or thick, depending on the player’s level of play and how the ke is fried. A good example is not to include a thin line in a smooth stir-fry recipe because that’s not nearly enough to achieve a high feeling that requires a thick line or using a stacking technique. New players should draw shorter lines, long lines for veteran players. This is a mandatory requirement to avoid the case of trying hard to smoke but turning into a drug overdose, leading to sad consequences on the first flight. Or for those who have been high for the first time, have not completely dissolved the drug but want to raise the top next time, the line for them 1 should be extremely small and thin.

In general, to play ke also needs a lot of effort. As for the stir-fry or the ke, each person has their own way of doing it and sometimes it becomes an undisclosed secret. When playing ke, it is common to get drunk and let’s learn more about drunken ke in the next section.

  1. Do you feel “high” when you say ke?


                                                                                                                                                    Close-up ke

When absorbed after inhalation, players will feel “comfortable, comfortable, relaxing the whole body”. Because of that alluring comfort, people want to take ke again and again. Especially in games with strong stimulants such as candy, grass or marijuana, ke is what calms our soul, the fun can continue without being too tired.

After inhaling or breaking the ke, the drug affects the part of the player’s brain, bringing about strange emotions, creating hallucinations never before seen in the user, lasting for many hours – this is a form of Coffee is very popular. As for classification, there are 3 levels of approval as follows:

Kee flying (keke drifting):

You feel excited, a little adventurous, comfortable, have a sense of fun and still have control over your body’s balance and functioning.

The body automatically drifts with the soul to the music, wants to stand up and dance without any hesitation or shyness. This is considered the gentlest level of coffee, suitable for beginners. It is also from this stage that the level of coffee will be gradually increased with each play.



What is keke?

This is a medium level of high, alternating between flying and freezing. At this level you are still aware of your surroundings, understanding what people are doing, but your mind is drifting.

Achieving a “crash” state requires a dose higher than flight level. The body gradually does not listen to your management, the music around also seems to be better, the stages almost seep into your body.

At this stage, some people will choose to dance to the music, others will stop or relax their mind, close their eyes and go to the scene – adventure to any desired scene. This is a brain walk and there are absolutely no boundaries.

Attention should be paid to the phrase “K-hole feeling”, that is, falling into the K-hole – the high point of ketamine, usually located at this stage of collapse. The more you stay in a semi-conscious state, the easier it is to fall into the K-hole.

And to be able to crash, the captain must have very strong experience with the smooth stir-fry method mentioned above



How does ke freeze?

This phenomenon occurs when the captain uses the method of deception (almost dead) and lines thick or piled up. As the name suggests, at this stage the body will feel frozen but the whole body feels refreshed and extremely comfortable. Usually, every player wants to maintain this state for a long time because it is the happiest.

Freezing is the high level near the end when playing ke, only after the last level is completely addicted. You will not be able to feel or adjust your body anymore, even forget all reality, no longer hear, no longer see. Your mind is now like a completely blank white patch.

At this point, you can just lie down and wait for the medicine to wear off. The temporary forgetting of memories is extremely meaningful in the treatment of psychological diseases, especially with depression.

A special thing is that your short-term memory will be increased within 3-4 days of playing ke.

Explaining the phenomenon, during the “freezing” phase, the brain automatically arranges and cleans up the memory, helping to erase junk memories and prepare the space for new and sad memories. also removed or reduced. On the positive side, “freezing” helps you forget the painful reality, but the recommendations about “living in a virtual world” will make you dependent, unable to distinguish real and virtual … Carefully consider using as directed by your doctor.

Is there a way to determine the desired level of ketchup?

Probably many players have used ke and encountered the following problems:

  • The effect is not as expected: if you want to fly, it will crash, if you want to try freezing, you can only enjoy flying, or if you want to crash, you will be frozen.
  • Breathe in 2 lines without seeing anything, hurry to break more lines, only 10 minutes later, you will immediately freeze
  • After I inhaled ke, I fell asleep, and I didn’t feel anything different


  Does the strength of inhalation affect the feeling of high?

In addition to the factors related to the captain or the quality of the ke, you need to know the relevant factors to overcome and satisfy the game of kegs as you like. You should double check the following before starting the fun:

  • The smoothness of the cream: you need to remember that the fine-grained ketchup is absorbed quickly, the large-grained ketchup has a long-lasting effect. Regardless of the type of seed, do not skip the step of stir-frying with heat to make the seeds less sharp, more comfortable to use without causing sneezing or scratching the inside of the nose.
  • The amount of ke you inhale: controlling the dose depending on your condition is also one way to get the high you want. For example, 1 is only ke – equivalent to 1g, which may be enough for 3 – 4 players 1 night, but the same amount, 2 users will also run out. So you must understand how much you need, what the limit is. Limiting the dose used is also a way to play safe.
  • How to inhale ke: the strength when you inhale ke also determines the rate of ke absorption and which organs receive this amount of ke. Specifically, when you inhale moderately, the ke will stick slightly to the inner wall of the nose – this place has a dense capillary system, so the ke will absorb directly through here and go straight into the bloodstream, to the brain. On the contrary, when you inhale with strong force, the ke does not stick in the nose but immediately goes straight to the lungs, causing the absorption level to decrease, the speed is also much slower. The dose of ke that the body can absorb at this time is also lower because it is processed by the liver and the circulatory and excretory systems. But in case you inhale strongly, take a high dose of ke and repeat this action continuously, you can fall into a frozen state.


  • Other things containing stimulants: people often say that before playing poker, if you use caffeine containing things such as tea, coffee, cigarettes, the “high” effect will quickly be broken and even not felt. OK, after playing, I just feel sleepy. In contrast, if using nicotine-containing products such as cigarettes or electronic cigarettes (vapes) to increase the feeling of pleasure, not to cause drowsiness, the hallucinations are also more beautiful.
  • Combine with other stimulants (eg marijuana, candy): In order to combine, you can refer to the following instructions from a real Saigon player: “When you start to fly, you should bite. a candy, at this time the nervous system will wake up because of approaching a new stimulus. Feel the whole body excited, you are free to move, dance without feeling tired. After your strength subsides, you should switch to smoking a cigarette to slow down the aggression and move on to a new stage. That’s snuff. At this time, just a moderate amount of ke will make you go to the scene with your eyes still open, fully awake, but in front of you are the beautiful things you want to see.”

The levels of high above are just the common denominator for all people playing ke, the expression of high in each person is different. Reading this far, you probably have the answer to why so many people are so addicted to this strange drug.

Despite being so happy, every time we play, we still have to ensure the elements to keep ourselves, people and society safe, read the next section to know how to play safe ke!

  1. Play safe poker



                                                                                                                   If you don’t know how, playing ke is very dangerous


This is a sign of unsafe ke playing. Aggressive has also become a familiar word for many people associated with many bad images: light is like running naked on the street, climbing on the roof to commit suicide, heavy hitting people, even killing people in a state of mind. no longer awake.

Information about cases of insanity today is published a lot in the media with increasing frequency. The angry young people are almost the fear of ordinary people, but for many players, they consider it normal. They call it “dare to play dare” or just the equivalent of a broken wing in flight. There are even cases where I know that I vomited blood from my nose because I played poker for the first time, or vomited because of a high dose, then got a drug shock, when I woke up, I cried out in fear and fear, never touched it. But that’s just a saying when you wake up, when you’re high, you forget it all.


Drug addicts, they are both pitiful and blameworthy. Everyone comes to ke for their own reasons, but they cannot control themselves leading to the path of addiction. So equip yourself with safe ways to play before it’s too late.

Principles of playing safe poker

First thing: no one can force you if you don’t want to

Rule number one, don’t play when you don’t want to. Many of you say that, if you don’t want to get involved in it, don’t go to the bar anymore, but I know, there are cases where it’s mandatory for work and relationships to come. So please ensure your own safety. in some of the following ways:

  • Don’t take your eyes off your drink: a split second is enough for a bad guy to put a stimulant in
  • Do not drink alcohol-containing substances such as beer, wine, can choose soda or juice. If you must drink, never get drunk.
  • Do not drink items given by strangers, do not share cups, plates .. with people you are not sure
  • Always check the sealing of food and drinks before use, resolutely refuse opened items
  • If there is a drink with a strange taste, immediately discard it and replace it with a new drink
  • Should go with friends or people you can completely trust, agree to keep an eye on each other, don’t let either of you leave there with others
  • If that event really made you feel bad so don’t participate, now the lie is harmless!

If you apply the above measures, there will be less opportunities for ke or other stimulants to affect you.


                         Dance halls and bars are places with many potential dangers

Second thing: if you play, please play with experience and a little brain

The use of synthetic drugs always carries unforeseen risks such as drug poisoning, drug shock plus the fact that the ingredients in the tray are not completely pure. Therefore, when playing, you should choose to play ke knowing the origin, imported ke is more expensive but more secure than floating goods. A person who claims to know how to play ke must clearly understand when he can inhale ke and how much is enough for him. Remember, each individual is an independent subject, do not bring their standards to compare with yours to compete to see who is better. You should determine for yourself that the original purpose of coffee is to make you feel comfortable, don’t put more pressure on yourself with this fragile hobby anymore.



Last thing: don’t let negative emotions carry you away

When we are intoxicated, people become dangerous because of how we feel in the present, when in a high state, it will be ten or even hundred times higher.

For example: currently you love A but hate B, when you play poker, imagine you meet A, you will want to hug each other dearly, want to walk hand in hand, want to talk about many small and big things… But what if in return If you are B, you will only see hatred, hatred. And if there is a big conflict, it will sometimes form an intention to kill. But going from intention to action when not awake is very fast. That’s why they become demons.

In other words, playing poker makes sadness disappear very quickly, but if you take it as a panacea for your emotional pain, it is a mistake. Be careful that one day the negative things accumulate too strongly, you will see scary things all the time, making it easy for you to have actions that you can’t control, when you wake up, it’s too late to regret.

How much dosage is appropriate?

Drinking ketchup is like drinking alcohol – everyone’s alcohol intake is different, so there’s no specific number to indicate what dose should be. You use more or less, you can inhale several times a night depending on the strength of the nerve. Should not and cannot bring the suction of one player to the other.

However, you can completely tell if such a dose is right for you by:

  • Check the level of high when inhaled: is that level right for you, do you want a higher or stronger ohee level
  • How long does your body need to recover after a night of flying: after flying, the body is very tired because it has been stimulated and works continuously without rest. Those symptoms go away after about 1-2 days, if they last up to a week, it means you need to reduce the dose.

                                   An overdose of ke can be fatal

Signs of an overdose

Here are the signs when using too much ke you need to grasp to promptly handle:

  • The body is almost unable to move, the limbs are stiff
  • Rapid rise in temperature, increased heart rate

Shortness of breath

  • Convulsions, deep and sudden coma
  • High risk of death

How to handle it?

In this case, we usually only use drugs to help stabilize the heart rate and ease breathing.

If the person in shock is not taken to the emergency room in time, death is inevitable. So, if you decide to go on an adventure with ke, you need to make sure someone you can trust keeps an eye on you to detect abnormalities in time.

  1. Music playing ke

One element that sets the tone for a perfect poker game is the music. Usually playing ke without music, the player almost can not “go to the scene” or adventure. Even the music that is already up but suddenly interrupted will cause many players to break the music, as if they were halfway up but stopped – an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

Usually, karaoke bars that organize flying sessions always have their own music for playing candy, then it is time to change to another music genre. Good music, beautiful wall painting is also a factor for players to choose a bar. The shop has good music, good support, beautiful decoration, easy to make players imagine when entering the ke.

If you play at home by yourself, you can choose according to your own preferences or the whole group. The most popular music is non-stop songs or strong dj music for when biting candy to push the excitement to the climax, everyone is free to dance jubilantly.

When the “play heat” gradually decreases, the music gradually turns softer, be it chill music – smooth, deep, or techno music – gentle melodies but with different floating rhythms. In particular, some places also choose remix ethnic music or meditation music to add more adventure.

You can try as many times as you can to find out what kind of music the group feels is the best fit!

Link youtube:

  1. Compare ke with other stimulants

What is the best stimulant? Each player will have their own answer, each with a different taste and preference. Below is only for the purpose of providing knowledge, understanding how to play and how not to fall.

What is candy?


A very mild-sounding name, but it is actually a slang word for a stimulant called ecstasy.

Initially, similar to ketamine, ecstasy was used medically, for the purpose of stopping bleeding in open wounds. But it wasn’t until someone took it orally that things really started.

Ecstasy is often used at the beginning of flying sessions, when it is necessary to be physically fit to dance, sing, and dance tirelessly. Also from here, ecstasy is favored as candy because of its colorful form and round shape like candies that children often eat.

What is grass?




Cannabis or weed is another name for marijuana – a type of opium poppy – used primarily for pain relief.

This herb is often used through inhalation, inhalation. The “high” state is quite interesting, but brings the same levels as using ke. Cannabis puts people in a state of floating like in a cloud, feet do not feel the touch of the ground, it is sometimes used as a psychological healing therapy.

In some countries around the world, marijuana is legal, as long as it is pure, unadulterated and the dosage is allowed. But in Vietnam, weed is still classified as a banned substance.

Compare candy and ke, grass



Professional players must know truths such as “ketch up candy” and then use the correct order to not be criticized as a country, or a half-season, not to be scolded as a waste of money. Ke is the heaviest type, so it must be used last, to avoid losing the effect of the previous type and keep the player from exerting himself. Specifically, if you bite the candy and break it right away, the candy will completely lose its effect. The ideal is still to wait for the candy to absorb, the body starts shaking to the music, then make a cigarette and then a few lines, at this time, the physical strength will reach max, beat the music all night without knowing the stop.

Because it is a more advanced substance, ke is more expensive than other synthetic drugs. On the black market, a single ke – ie 1g – costs about 1.2 – 1.5 million, depending on the time can be up to 2 million/g. The price level also depends on the purity of the ke, the source of the ke (American, Australian or Chinese ke). However, to achieve 100% purity is very difficult and this is mostly just a promise of the seller, verifiable.

The cost of a flying session if there are all the above items, the lowest also falls into the tens of millions. And there are people who don’t mind burning hundreds of millions a night because there are accompanying services such as foreign wine, music dj, flying peaches…

Is snorting glue the same as sniffing ke?


                                                                                                                                        Young people inhale dog glue

Inhaling glue has just appeared recently, the users are young people or poor manual workers who do not have money to play the above synthetic drugs, but still want to enjoy the feeling of high.

Glue is a thick liquid, yellow or brown, the main use is in industry to glue wood, patch tires, glue shoes … The smell of glue is quite bad and strong, it is a mixture of the smell of plastic and rubber. The cheaper the glue, the more unpleasant the smell.

Glue is often sold under the names dog glue or elephant glue. Glue is usually stored in tubes (small form) or cans (large form). Especially, the price of super glue is super cheap, only 5.6 thousand to 1.2 tens of thousands of thousands of dollars to own a product.

The way to use it is to burn it up and then inhale the smoke, the glue after burning is condensed, sticking like tar. According to people who have experienced it, snorting acacia coffee is no less than using heroin, but they do not share needles so they are not afraid of HIV, the price is cheap, so it is more comfortable to use.

But they don’t know that dog glue or elephant glue are industrial chemicals, when burned, they will produce toxic gases such as methylene, tuluence, cyclothexane … affecting the nervous system, causing instant hallucinations, But when you wake up, you will have a severe headache, temporary memory loss, vision loss,… More dangerous when entering the lungs, they will accumulate and poison organs in the human body, over time. will cause illness and potentially sudden death when overdosed.

Therefore, parents need to pay attention to their children, not to let them use foreign substances to avoid early addiction. Synthetic drugs today change polymorphisms, models are constantly updated, it can blend in and manipulate our lives at any time without being predictable.


                                                                                                                               Addiction is a gradual process


In short, the essence of ketamine or ke is not harmful. They are especially effective in the treatment and treatment of sequelae of many diseases in both human and veterinary medicine. However, to use them, patients need to pay attention to the dosage and accompanying side effects and must be examined by a professional directly. Should consider between the advantages and disadvantages, the time to use is the wipe, how much is appropriate, if there are side effects, how to handle.

Using ke for entertainment purposes is not allowed in Vietnam. When you are found to be positive for ketamine or search in person with ke powder storage, you will be arrested and have a criminal record or criminal record depending on the severity. In light, suspended sentences and fines, sent to re-education or non-custodial reform, but in severe cases, go to jail. Even if you use the cream without being touched, the damage that ke brings to your soul as well as your body is irreparable, those injuries will come slowly and slowly make you back. hand could not keep up. The consequences that follow those immersed nights are not only for you but also for your loved ones, family and the future as well.

No one can tell you to stop if you don’t want to, but if you do, play with a clear head and a steady mind.