Drug abuse test

Drug abuse test

How are drug test strips used? Where do you buy it? Is it correct?

Drug test strips are an essential item for both individuals and groups. Can be used simply in quick test cases or depending on the complex requirements of each person. que thử ma túy

However, after having the results, it led to many extremely unfortunate cases just because of the wrong test.

So how are drug test strips used, where are they bought, and are they accurate?

Please refer to this information in the article with KimHung!

1.The concept of “Drug test strips”

A drug test strip or drug test strip is a medical device used to test, detect, and screen an individual whether or not an individual is using a certain substance.

Common types of drug tests

There are different types of drug tests used depending on the goal of the test. These include urine, saliva, blood, hair, sweat, and breath.

Drug tests look for the presence of one or more illegal or prescription drugs in your urine, blood, saliva, hair, sweat, or breath. However, partly because of its popularity in Vietnam, this article mainly deals with urine and saliva drug test strips.


Drug abuse test
Drug abuse test


Other names: drug test, drug test, drug abuse test, substance abuse test, poison test, toxin test, sports doping test

Commonly tested drugs include:

These are all drugs that can be used by mouth, injection, or absorption

  • Cannabis: cannabis, extracts, including THC oil, wax and glass
  • Cocaine: cocaine and other drugs that contain cocaine, such as freebase or crack cocaine.
  • Opium: there are many different forms, from prescription drugs to drugs containing banned substances. Some of the most common include: opium, heroin, morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone
Drug abuse test
Drug abuse test

                                                                                      Pictures of dried cannabis leaves

  • Benzodiazepine, or bezos: includes common medicines, such as: diazepam (Valium), alprazolam (Xanax), lorazepam (Ativan)
  • Amphetamine: methamphetamine (MET), or meth, amphetamine sulfate, or speed, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),
  • Sedatives
  • Personal medications: phencyclidine (PCP), methadone, methaqualone (Quaaludes), propoxyphene


Duration of drug addiction:

It is the length of time that a drug or substance can be detected in the urine.

It will vary from drug to drug and depends on:

  • Drug properties: fast or slow response to the body
  • Metabolites in the body
  • User condition: body mass, urine pH
  • How long does it last?
  • When was the last time you took the medicine?

Specifically, please refer to the following table:

Chất gây nghiện Trong Nước tiểu Trong Nước bọt
THC 30 ngày 72 giờ
Cần sa 72 giờ 48 giờ
Morphin 3 – 7 ngày 3 ngày
Codein 3 ngày 4 ngày
Fentanyl 3 ngày
Heroin 3 ngày 1 giờ
Methadone 12 ngày 10 ngày
MDMA 2-4 ngày 24 giờ
Rượu 12 giờ


Limit concentration of drug test strips

This is the lowest level (expressed in numbers, units of ng/mL) of the drug that can be detected in urine.

It is understood that, if the drug concentration exceeds the limit concentration of the test strip, the result will be positive.

2.Drug test strips

2.1. Urine test strips for drug detection

Urine is the most common type of sample used by employers for drug testing. Urinalysis will show the presence of one or more narcotics after the effects of the drug wear off; however, the length of time varies by type.

A typical urine drug test for employment purposes typically screens for 5 to 10 drugs.

Based on the amount of drug detected, urine test strips are divided into 1-pin drug test strips and synthetic drug test strips.

Drug abuse test
Drug abuse test

        Synthetic drug test strips (multi-legged rods)

Drug test strips 1 leg

The structure of this test strip is quite simple, consisting of only one stick that detects 1 addictive substance, which can be mentioned as:

  • Morphin/ Heroin test strips: detect whether or not morphine or other drugs are present in the urine with a limit concentration of 300ng/ml
  • Cannabis test strips (THC): assesses the presence of THC – a hallucinogenic substance when inhaled – in urine
  • Methamphetamine Test Strips

Ketamine test strips

  • MDMA Ecstasy Test Strips
  • Amphetamine test strip (MET): a direct stimulant to the nervous system, the concentration limit is 1000 ng/mL

Synthetic drug test strips

The aggregate here can be a combination of 2, 3, up to 10, 14, 16 different drugs, each of which will be detected by a “leg” on the test, with its own results window.

So you only need to dip the synthetic test tips once and at the same time into the urine, and after a quick period of time, you will have an accurate screening result for the drug that has been used.

2.2. Drug test strips with saliva

After testing for drugs in the urine, a saliva test is the most common method of testing for drug use. They are also known as oral fluid tests or swab tests. Most saliva drug tests can detect use within a few hours to 2 days. The sampled person must not eat, drink, or smoke for at least 10 minutes before taking the sample.



Drug abuse test
Drug abuse test

                                                                       Drug test strips with saliva

Overall, saliva is an easy lab test for sample collection, minimally invasive, and doesn’t require a needle or pee in a cup. Especially less contaminated.

May be tested for alcohol, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana (THC), opiates, amphetamines, phencyclidine (PCP) and methamphetamine.

2.3. So, what kind of drug test strips should you choose?

Most of the time, if you want to test randomly and randomly, you should choose samples of synthetic drug test strips so that the probability of detecting drugs will be higher once.

If there is a clear purpose, or the requirements of a specific job, then you can choose one-legged ice drug test strips according to the substance to be tested.

Use a urine or saliva test depending on your sampling conditions.

In addition, you should continue to learn about the effects and effectiveness of drug test strips to assess whether you need to use them or not.

3.Uses of Drug Test Strips

As mentioned above, test strips are for drug detection purposes, to find out if a particular person is taking one or several drugs.

From the results obtained, use for:

  • Hiring: Employers may test you before hiring and during employment to check for on-site drug use.
  • Sports organizations: professional athletes need to be tested for stimulants or other banned substances.
  • Forensic or forensic purposes: this test may become part of a criminal investigation or motor vehicle accident. Specifically, in Vietnam, the police and police require subjects to test drugs when there are signs of suspicion
  • Monitor the use of morphine-based pain relievers: If you have been prescribed morphine for chronic pain, the provider may order testing to make sure you are taking the correct amount of your medication. me.
  • Control the situation of drug addicts or alcoholics: subjects on probation may be required to take this test upon request



Drug abuse test
Drug abuse test

                                           Test strips to detect drugs and addictive substances

As for individuals and families, there are cases where parents ask their children to take a drug test, especially when there are symptoms of drug abuse or some other stimulant. These symptoms include:

  • Slurred speech or stuttering
  • Dilated or small pupils
  • Excitement
  • Panic
  • Paranoid
  • Delirium
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea
  • Changes in blood pressure or heart rate

Note that if you are going to use the test at home, you are better off consulting your GP or another medical professional first. They can advise you on how to follow up if the test is positive.

4. Instructions for using drug test strips

How to use urine drug test strips?

Normally, for each type of urine test strip, the manufacturer will print the instructions for use in the information sheet inside or print it on the package. But most are quite brief and if you buy individual tests, you may not have them.

Then please refer to the extremely detailed user manual below!

Drug abuse test
Drug abuse test

                                                                                                                                   Urine drug test


Many of you are concerned about the time to collect urine, but you can take any time, pay attention to take the required amount and take the sample, then do the test immediately.

In addition, it is required:

  • Urine cup
  • Test Strips

Collect urine

  • Before collecting urine, make sure your hands are clean and dry
  • Clean the private area: Men should wipe the tip of the penis, women wipe the big lips, baby and vulva from front to back.
  • Urinate into the toilet, slowly moving the cup under your urine stream.
  • Take about 10-20ml of urine into the container
  • Finish urinating in the toilet
  • Give the urine cup to the testing staff (if doing it at a medical facility) or place it on a clean, dry surface.

Carry out testing

  • Tear off the test cover, remove the plastic cap if it is a synthetic test
  • Dip the test vertically into the urine cup, do not exceed the MAX line
  • Wait for about 30 seconds and then lift it out, leave it in a dry location
  • See results in about 4 minutes

How are saliva drug test strips used?


For the saliva test, the simple preparatory requirement is that you do not eat, drink or smoke for at least 10 minutes before the test.

The test kit usually includes: a synthetic test strip, a saliva collection device and a pad of blotting paper.

Drug abuse test
Drug abuse test

Drug test kit with saliva

Steps to take:

  • You use the saliva collection tool in the test kit to scan the inside of the oral cavity once, including the tongue, cheeks, and gums.
  • Hold the device until the indicator color strip (indicating enough saliva) appears
  • The whole process of sucking, you must not bite, suck or chew the absorbent cotton pad
  • If you don’t see color after 7 minutes, still remove the instrument from your mouth
  • Insert the instrument into the test tube vertically, tighten the cap
  • Wait for the results to appear

Note when using drug test strips

If the following conditions are fully satisfied, the accuracy of the results will be almost absolute:

  • Test strips are still sealed, not expired, before testing, no color change or moisture
  • Carry out the work immediately after taking the sample, or else preserve the sample according to the manufacturer’s requirements
  • Minimize cross-contamination from the environment into the sample
  • Embed at the right time, read the results within the allowed range

And please continue reading to know how to read drug test results “standard without adjustment”!

5. How to read drug test results

If in most other rapid tests, everyone is familiar with the image “2 lines are positive”, then the way to read drug test results with urine or saliva is completely opposite, so don’t worry. if you see 2 lines on the display window.


Drug abuse test
Drug abuse test

           Instructions on how to read the results

  • Drug test strip up 2 lines: equivalent to 2 color bands including C line – control line and T line – result line ie NEGATIVE – no drug detected in sample
  • Drug test strip up to 1 line C – control line: POSITIVE result, in saliva/urine sample, drugs appear
  • The test strip does not show any lines or only shows the T line: the test is broken or the operation is not correct, it should be repeated with another test.


Drug abuse test
Drug abuse test

How to read synthetic drug test results

Similar to the case of using synthetic drug test strips, you should pay attention to read in each separate colored window, any window showing only 1 bar, the urine/saliva sample will be warned that it contains drugs. that drug.

Meaning of drug test results

If your results are negative, i.e. no drugs were found in your body or the drug levels are below the established levels, this will vary depending on the drug.

If your result is positive, it means that one or more drugs have been found in your body. Occasionally, “false positives” may occur. Therefore, you need to be further confirmed by quantitative tests.

How long does it take to get drug test results?

Called a quick test, you can get results almost immediately if the sampling and testing process is not without any problems, usually the results will be available within the same day with Negative results.

As for the tests that need further testing, there will be confirmed results within 3-5 working days, depending on each medical facility.

6. Compare urine and saliva drug test strips

The same:

These are two types of rapid tests that are preferred to be used thanks to their advantages: low cost, quick time for results, simple operation, can be done without medical expertise, and low cost. accessories as well as cleaning work before and after sampling is much simpler.

In particular, with multi-leg synthetic tests, with the same operation and such a time interval, it is possible to simultaneously test the presence of many different drugs, giving broader and more comprehensive results. .

There are some limitations related to test quality, test-taking skills, drug concentration in the body, testing time in the period after using stimulants… but it can be completely overcome or confirmed. results with more specialized methods.

Drug abuse test
Drug abuse test

Test with saliva more convenient


Although later introduced, saliva testing is being used more often as an alternative to urine drug testing. Because they are more manageable, it is virtually impossible for the subject to swap or forge samples, which is also appropriate while the subject is stubbornly refusing to collect urine. Furthermore, when done properly, the accuracy of most mouthwash tests is close to 98%.

However, from a medical perspective, urine and blood tests are often more accurate. Because of the limitation of oral drug testing, it only detects drugs taken in the past few days, while blood and urine tests will detect metabolized drugs. Specifically, urine tests have a longer detection time for most drugs of 24-72 hours, while oral tests are 24-36 hours for water-soluble drugs. This may vary depending on the drug, how often it is used, and other factors.

Drug abuse test
Drug abuse test

The discovery of cannabis THC makes the most difference because THC is fat-soluble, rather than water-soluble, it doesn’t go directly into the oral cavity. Therefore, THC can only be detected for up to 24 hours in drinking water.

Oral fluid tests are capable of detecting recent drug use, while urine requires drug metabolism once consumed, which can take up to 6-12 hours depending on the drug and its metabolism. each individual. This makes oral fluid testing an ideal solution for reasonable doubts, after accidents and other situations where detection of recent use is paramount.

7. Where to buy drug test strips?

Buy products from medical equipment stores

Most medical device stores sell these test strips, so you can easily get them if you need a small quantity. For some questions about how to use, you can consult directly from the pharmacist at the counter.

However, the limitation is that you will not be able to choose the type that most people buy according to the advice of the seller, you may feel shy when buying directly like that.

Buy through online sales applications

This is the choice of some young people with the need to buy for personal testing, just type a few related keywords on e-shopping applications and the results will return a lot, full of categories, prices. all, model.

7.1.que thu ma tuy tren shopee

                         Hundreds of results when searching for drug test strips on 

You should be wary of the risk of buying fakes or testing of poor quality, affecting the results, sellers sometimes also unable to export relevant documents or having difficulty being asked for product knowledge.

Buy from distributors, trade in medical equipment

If you want to buy in bulk, at preferential prices, with proof of origin, and test quality, it is best to source from medical equipment trading companies, for example: Thuan Phat medical equipment company, Kim Hung company, Phu An medical equipment company…

When taking test strips here, you are not only assured of product quality and accurate results, but also receive timely advice on professional issues or support human resources to conduct tests.

Why should you choose Kim Hung Investment and Development Company?

Kim Hung is always confident in the field of providing necessary equipment for the medical industry and especially distributing drug test strips to individuals and groups who have demand for use.

When ordering this test at Kim Hung, customers will be extremely assured because:

  • Products have clear, legally-compliant documents proving their origin and quality
  • Diverse from types, brands to prices, you just need to say your request and we will advise you clearly

7.2.Mot trong nhung test ma tuy cua kimhung


                          One of Kim Hung’s drug tests

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  • The price suggested by Kim Hung is always the best and worth your reference
  • A team of enthusiastic consultants, in-depth expertise, promptly answer all your questions, can directly support during use

8. How much do drug test strips cost?

Because there are many brands of the same production, there is a difference between 1-legged and multi-legged types, between using urine and saliva, so the price of drug test strips fluctuates also very diverse, low-priced products are very diverse. about 20 – 50 thousand VND for 1 test, more advanced products cost about 100 thousand VND.

9. Are drug test strips accurate?

Drug test strips use limit concentration, which means that the result is positive only when the amount of drug is above a certain level. A positive result will occur when the result exceeds the concentration in nanograms per milliliter: ng/ml.

False positives

It is a phenomenon where a person does not use stimulants, but the test results are positive.

Concentration limits help to reduce the rate of false positive results. This is especially the case if the person being tested takes some prescription medication that contains codeine or mistakenly eats foods containing permissible amounts, extracted from hemp seeds, coca plants, or opium poppy.

In addition, the above concentration helps to eliminate false positive results in cases of passive inhalation of stimulants, such as accidentally sitting near an opium smoker.

9.1.que ma tuy tong hop 1

False negatives

False negatives, on the other hand, are those who have used drugs but returned negative results.

Some IA and GC-MS tests can both produce false negatives because they do not reflect a person’s recent drug use. On the other hand, false negative results can occur if the urine is very dilute.


The accuracy of the rapid test is evaluated by comparing the results obtained from the laboratory test with the results of the on-site test; and gives the accuracy of drug test strips up to 98%.

If in situ testing results in preliminary analysis, the sample is sent to an accredited laboratory for complete confirmation. Lab results are final confirmation.


9.2.que ma tuy tong hop 2


10. Questions about Drug Test Strips

What should I do to prepare before the test?

Before you take a drug test, you need to know what the test is for, why, and how the results will be used. If you have questions or concerns about your test, talk to the individual or organization that requested the test.

Be sure to tell your testing consultant or doctor if you are taking any prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs or supplements as they may give you false positives for some. certain illegal drugs. In addition, you should avoid foods with poppy seeds, as it can cause a positive result for heroin.

If you’re concerned about your past drug use leading to a positive result, know that sample exchange or deception during sampling is easy to detect. There are sanctions in place to prevent people from faking tests, and cheating often leads to worse consequences than testing positive.

Should “cleanse” advice be trusted to change test results?

There are many tips or tricks on the Internet about how to “cleanse your body” before the test, help change the test results such as using diuretics, chewing gum … but there is no solution. Which of them helps you to reverse the results.

If you need to pass the test, abstinence is the best and only option that has been proven effective. If your condition is severe addiction then treatment must be considered.

Are drug test strips safe?

There have been no reports of hazardous situations involving urine or saliva drug testing – for both the examiner and the tested. However, a positive result can affect other aspects of your life, including your job, sports status, or litigation.

10.que ma tuy tong hop nuoc bot

                                            Drug test strips with saliva

Why do so many places require a drug test before accepting a job?

The biggest myth about drug testing is that drug use has little or no impact on workplace safety, but the opposite is true. Many studies have shown that drug use creates an unsafe work environment, figures show that drug and alcohol use is the cause of 1 in 6 deaths in the workplace. .

Do drug tests cause “false positives”?

It has been reported that drug tests often result in false positives, making these tests inaccurate and should not be used for assessment. But this is a very small percentage and can be easily avoided by performing a second confirmatory test.

Are home drug tests accurate?

You can buy home test kits at drugstores or online, but no one can verify their accuracy.

Besides, the coercive attitude of parents will easily make the eldest child feel offended and uncomfortable, easily rebellious. Accurate or not, the test can feel daunting.

Is it possible to cheat a drug test with saliva?

Because every oral drug test collection is directly observed, the risk of an individual cheating or tampering with the test is minimized. The sampled person’s mouth must be empty – that is, free of food, gum, liquid or tobacco – at least 10 minutes before the drug test begins. In addition, trained samplers monitor every step of the process to prevent fraud. If you do not do it correctly, the medical staff will give specific instructions to ensure that the correct amount of sample is taken.


So all information related to the uses, usage, where to buy, price and accuracy of drug test strips has been sent to you in the above article! Hope this knowledge is useful to you and fulfills your search and deepening needs.

And if you need more advice or want to buy drug test strips, please contact Kim Hung for service in accordance with the principle of “Prestige, quality, timeliness and business efficiency.” economy”!